Facebook Advertising

How it works

Have you considered Facebook Advertising for your business?

With over 1 billion users, Facebook Advertising can be a good lead generation tool. It also encourages social engagement which in turn results high customer interaction.

Within 48 working hours your business will appear as a featured listing on Facebook™ targeting your ideal client profile by targeting the demographics within Facebook™.

For example, Male & Female users who are aged 18 + and live within a 25 miles radius of Essex.

Other demographic filters can be used such as;

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Connections

Using this example would yield an estimated audience for that advert of over 1 Million people with an active Facebook™ account who are eligible to see your advert (see below), then we begin to display the advert on these users profiles and show to as many as possible throughout the month, aiming to get you over 50,000 impressions each month based on the local package.

Furthermore, we don’t stop at this threshold, that’s just a minimum of what you’ll receive.

How much it costs

How it looks

facebook advertisement example

25 Characters including spaces and punctuation. The headline is always blue.

The web address that the advert is directed to once clicked is automatically inserted below the headline and may be abbreviated for display purposes only.

All Facebook™ Ads require an image (110 x 80 pixels). Adding an image can be one of the most powerful factors in determining the success of your ads. A strong image should be eye-catching, relevant to your product or service, or inform users about what your ad is for. Please note that Facebook™ does not support animated or flash images.

90 characters including spaces and punctuation. We recommend having a click to action function such as a telephone number or “Click Ad”. We cannot change the colour, font, or any other formatting of the text as this is all in-line with Facebooks™ advertising guidelines.

Prefer to talk?

If you would prefer to talk to someone about this advertising plan, please call us free on 0800 772 0722 and speak to an advertising expert.