Optimise WordPress Database Easily

MySQL is a great database, but it doesn’t clean itself up the way it should sometimes.

A healthy well optimise wordpress database is great for your website. A good database optimisation plugin can take entire megabytes of accumulated clutter out of a bloated and unoptimised database.

optimise wordpress database

In testing, WP Clean Up beat the other plugins by a mile.

99% of plugins just do the standard MySQL database optimisation function.

Unlike the competition WP Clean Up digs deep into the clutter of a typical WordPress database, (optionally) removing:

  • Revisions
  • Drafts
  • Auto Drafts
  • Moderated Comments
  • Spam Comments
  • Trash Comments
  • Orphan Post meta data
  • Orphan Comment meta data
  • Orphan Relationships
  • Dashboard Transient Feed data

Intelligent, or even better *ruthless* use of the above removal tools – combined with the standard database optimisation tool will reduce even a well optimised database, and will clean literally 60-80% of redundant data out the typical previously unoptimised database.

optimise wordpress database

Download the plugin for your WordPress site here : WP Clean Up

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