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As we pride ourselves in customer service, we know how to serve our customers, and how to make services accessible to them. For this reason, we are phasing out the 0208 123 2629 number to replace it with a 0800 772 0722 freephone number. We realised that the prepaid number creates some boundaries for enquiries to us. The 0800 772 0722 number is a UK toll-free that our clients can enquire for our services through it by using any land line or mobile. Toll-free numbers are free on landlines and some mobile phones. OFCOM have stated that all mobile phone providers will make 0800 numbers free to use from 2015 onwards.

All clients are equally important and, therefore, we endeavour to optimise the accessibility of our services to everyone without constraints of costs when enquiring. Our mission to phase out the ‘paid for’ number was to create a cost-free access to our enquiries. On this account, our clients do not have to pay for calls when enquiring about our services.

Normally with a prepaid client service number, clients tend to give little details about their problems because they want to save costs. For this reason, they end up not having their needs fully met because they gave less information pertaining to their needs. With the 0800 toll-free number that we are changing to, clients have the privilege to give full details of what is needed to their websites and small business projects. You have more time to enquire about our services or to seek support if required.

As a reminder, our opening hours are:

Monday – Friday : 10am – 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm

We look forward to speaking to you all soon.

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