5 Reasons Why Google AdWords Is a Powerful Online Marketing Tool

Today, businesses across the world keep searching for ways to increase awareness about products & services, and drive more traffic to their website. Paid search advertising using Google AdWords has made it possible for businesses to quickly increase online visibility and get their website to the top page of Google. Some of the reasons why Google AdWords remains a very powerful online marketing tool in your short term SEO strategy include:

Google AdWords is faster than SEO

Getting your website to the top page of Google using natural way i.e. through SEO practices alone requires a great deal of patience, time, persistence and dedication. However, is it actually worth the wait? With paid search advertising using Google AdWords, you don’t have to wait for months before you start seeing results. You can start getting views, impressions and click right away with Google AdWords. Above all, Google AdWords is easier than SEO.

Google AdWords is Flexible

Another advantage of Google AdWords is the flexibility it offers. You can easily customize your ads and marketing campaigns to target the particular audience or demographics you want to reach. Google AdWords also makes it possible to narrow audience using location, language, type of device, and lots more.

Google AdWords can be measured

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing can be measured. Google AdWords is highly transparent and offers lots of PPC metrics to help you know which of your ads and marketing campaigns are converting. Thus, more effort can be geared in this direction.

Google AdWords is Scalable

Every business is faced with the challenge of generating leads. Google AdWords is highly scalable. Once you see that your ads and marketing campaigns are converting, you can easily increase your PPC budget. This will help generate more leads and boost ROI.

High Rate of Conversion

Recent studies have revealed that paid search traffic has a high rate of conversion compared to organic traffic. Since Google AdWords is more targeted and qualified, ads will only be seen and clicked by interested users. Thus, bringing about a high rate of conversion.

There you have it! The above are some of the reasons that make Google AdWords a very powerful online marketing. With paid search advertising using Google AdWords, your business can quickly achieve top page visibility on Google.

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