homeless and hungry

Help Us, Help the Homeless and Hungry

We’d like to share the following blog post with you : http://www.mradeveci.com/blog/homeless-hungry-project

In that post, you will read that Ahmet Deveci states he is going to personally go out onto the streets of London and other surrounding areas, together with his daughter to personally help feed the homeless and hungry.

We’re posting this here as the blog explains that the next ‘website project’ will be donated to this cause. That means, the next customer that Metserve Media agrees to complete a website project for, those funds will be donated completely to the charitable cause.

So, if you need a new website and would love to be part of the #homelessandhungry movement, take a look at our website services here : http://www.metserve.com/services/website-design and let’s make this happen.

If you do not require a website, but think this is a great idea, your support alone will help us push this forward quicker. Please share this post, or link to the original post that can be found above.

Thanks in advance.